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2014 health food supervision and monitoring of the deployment of the meeting sampling

Time:2011/11/4 13:16:10
        2014 health food safety supervision and monitoring of the deployment of the meeting sampling by the State Food and Drug Administration food safety supervision organized by the Division III held in Yinchuan, on June 12, 2014. Further implement the General Meeting on strengthening food safety supervision and sampling monitoring decisions and arrangements, health food safety research to analyze the current situation, to further strengthen measures, the deployment of this year's national health monitoring and supervision and sampling food Administration special supervision and sampling monitoring tasks. The offices of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Food and Drug Administration and the provincial food and drug inspection agencies and other units responsible comrades, food supervisor three Secretaries General, Audit Bureau, responsible comrades seized homes of 80 people attended the meeting.
The meeting conveyed studied Yong Secretary General in 2014 to monitor food safety sampling work plans meeting important speech, analyzed the health food security situation currently facing, highlighting the important role of monitoring sampling, improve health around the clear requirements the level of awareness and attention monitoring of food sampling, and really put the work in an important position firmly and realistically do a good job.

       The meeting noted that localities and departments concerned should fully understand the health food supervision and monitoring of the importance of sampling. Supervision and sampling and risk monitoring is an important regulatory means to deal with the grim situation of health food safety is an important measure to implement the scientific supervision of health food, health is an important way to reinforce the foundation of food safety regulation. Imperative to raise awareness, attention and further strengthen the work, give full play to strengthen its supervision of health food products, consumer safety and protection of the public is an important fundamental role in the.

        Introducing the 2014 national health food task and risk monitoring implementation of the supervision and sampling programs and sampling of the General Administration of special supervision and monitoring of the implementation of the program and related requirements for this year to focus on weight loss, strengthen the immune system, relieve physical fatigue, auxiliary hypoglycemic 15 categories health food and nutrient supplements to carry out sampling monitoring. The meeting stressed that the country should take command of problem-oriented health food supervision and sampling monitoring to detect health food safety issues, investigation and security risks for the purpose of determining a reasonable sampling of the target range monitor and improve the ability to identify problems and probability. To co-ordinate with rigorous scientific approach to do sampling monitoring, scientific develop specific implementation plans, in strict accordance with the sampling of monitoring procedures and norms, clear schedule of the work to implement the good quality of the work requirements and time nodes. Question to a realistic style will find verification disposal place around to find and solve problems, improve the supporting mechanisms and follow-up enforcement measures, the problem should be found in every sample tracking in the end, verification disposal in the end.

        Meeting called for the monitoring of health food sampling various departments throughout strengthen organizational leadership, work responsibilities, work discipline, strict use of funds to strengthen the quality control assessment, improve the quality of work. To strengthen global awareness, mutual support and cooperation, completed in 2014 on time and shelf-life health food supervision and sampling monitoring.
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