•         Tiffany is a marine life has been dedicated to the development of health food and pharmaceutical industry in full compliance with the national GMP certification standards, and has a complete system of modern operations. In the future, Tiffany Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. will be based on market and consumer demand, continuous research and development of new health products to meet the various needs of consumers. Tiffany is also the end of 2011 officially became cctv CCTV network of collagen only strategic partner. 
             Collagen products are used in Alaska 400 m depth below the wild deep-sea cod skin as raw material, using the most advanced bio-enzymatic hydrolysis technology joint orientation, the molecular weight is about 300,000 of skin collagen degradation as the molecular weight of 2000-3000 collagen peptide, is more easily absorbed by the body, 100% natural guarantee, without any additives, is edible collagen products for long-term use. 
    Main ingredients: water, deep-sea cod fish collagen, red rose petals extract, citric acid, sucralose, vitamin C, vitamin B6, rose oil. 
    Product Features: Rose and the deep level of oral collagen match.


    Benefits: freckle, wrinkle, skin yellowish solve problems, make your skin break age boundaries, far more than their peers RAJ smooth, delicate white.

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