• --OEM Processing:
    According to customer demand, we will be in accordance with the client's brand and technology to provide production for customers to create a professional production and processing sites, eliminating the need for customers to build factories, research and development, production and investment risk. You can follow the way of cooperation:
    1, you provide brand formula, raw materials, packaging, etc., we are only responsible for the production.

    2, to provide you with the brand, technology formula, we will follow the requirements for processing the samples.

    3, you only provide packaging, with your packaging filling our products.
    --ODM Processing:
    Depending on your requirements, we conduct research and development, then your brand production and sales.

    1, we can help you plan what you want to do but do not know the brand of the production plan.

    2, you can find for your generation packaging materials, printing, brochures and label design and ordering.

    3, you can use your brand packaging of our products.

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