Prune fruit has a unique nutrients, sweet aroma, taste lubrication, has a unique aroma of licorice, more importantly, prunes rich in many essential nutrients: fiber, vitamins A, vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, folic acid. And does not contain fat and cholesterol. Meanwhile Prunes can help the body especially children and the elderly supplemental iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium and physical health of bone and promote bone and muscle to make children grow. And according to the latest scientific research shows that antioxidant content prunes columns crown of fruit and vegetables, the body and the brain has its anti-aging effects. 

      Prunes also has a number of beneficial to human health effects: prevention of anemia, maintain skin vitality and antioxidant, preventing cell disease, aging. The main thing is to alleviate constipation special effects, long time, prune juice to enjoy "human scavenger" in the world in the United States and Europe. Because of prune juice can promote bowel detoxification, Hong Kong and Taiwan, many women called "slim juice." Long-term drinking prune juice can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis, increased number of bowel movements, relieve or prevent constipation, so ruddy, shiny, and increased strength, weight loss cosmetic effect can also be achieved.
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