Enzymes are biologically active substances with a special composed of amino acids, which exists in all living plants and animals, is an essential substance to maintain the body's normal function, digest food, repair tissue and other life activities. It is involved in almost all activities of life: thinking, exercise, sleep, breathe, anger, crying, or the secretion of hormones and other enzymes are active results for the center. Enzyme catalysis catalyst like sending the biochemical reactions of the body, sending the phenomenon of life were. Without enzymes, biochemical reactions will not be, the five nutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals) would become useless to the body, the phenomenon of life will stop. Therefore, the enzyme importance of life is self-evident, and even a lot of people would call it "living matter", "grasp the substance of all life activities." 
Efficacy: Nature features three enzymes 
1. Complete digestion, clean food. 
2. Adjustment may LC microorganisms. 
3. The natural balance of the original rich trace elements. 
Enzyme functions: 
The so-called enzymes, which is in charge of the substance of all life activities. Thinking, exercise, sleep, breathe, anger, crying, or, digest food, the secretion of hormones, blood circulation, promote the growth of cells, all of which are centered in enzyme activity results. Only our (human), as well as all life on earth materials, on the basis of the occurrence of the reaction the enzyme activity (enzyme as a catalyst to cause a reaction) phenomenon, based on the survival of the best established. 
Enzyme benefits: 
1 decomposition - to eat the food decomposition, digestion, so become easily absorbed by the material, promote physical recover quickly. 
2 finishing in vivo environment, purify the blood, improve physical fitness - decomposition, eliminate waste, the blood becomes acidic. 
3 anti-inflammatory, anti-small role - transport white blood cells, white blood cells function to promote and enhance their own self-healing capabilities. 
4 anti-tumor anti-disease effects - with the appropriate drugs, nutritional formulation and use, forcing catalyst to inspire efficacy, complementary and reduce side effects. 
5. prevent serious hair loss, white law, dandruff. 
6 human eggs and sperm have enzymes, sperm-egg binding by these enzymes to promote fertilization. Another recession may be resurrected female ovary cells, promote reproductive function. 
7 hangover, hangover prevention. 
8 do not like to eat fruits and vegetables children, the best nutrition, the energy source. 
9 revitalizes cells - promote cell metabolism, increase energy consumption.
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